The Rise of Behind-The-Scenes Content and Why Vlogmi Might Just Become The Next Big Social Media Platform

The way people share information has transformed with the rise of social media. It has created a unique platform for people to connect and exchange ideas that have proven very useful to individuals, businesses, and brands all over the world.


The way people share information has transformed with the rise of social media. It has created a unique platform for people to connect and exchange ideas that have proven very useful to individuals, businesses, and brands all over the world.

However, over the last few years the method of social media content curation has changed and aligned with new trends of live streaming or behind-the-scenes content rapidly overtaking curated/edited content. Today, almost everyone is hosting and streaming live videos for various purposes. The uses of real-life videos are plenty, from live streams to live chat sessions with social media influencers, and so on. This article will discuss why behind-the-scene or real-life content has been on the rise, and curated or edited content has been on the decline in social media.

With so many people beginning to live stream, marketers and companies have recognized its potential and are igniting campaigns based off of the audience the people producing this type of content have. Behind the scenes or real-life content is not only an exciting trend, but it is a sure way to reach a wider audience, drive engagement, and boost brand awareness. It is authentic and helps to build deeper connections with consumers, allowing them to see the real side of the brand or personality rather than the polished, fully-baked version.

On upcoming social media platform Vlogmi, this type of “behind-the-scenes” content is what they are trying to push among their audience. Vlogmi is taking advantage of the popularity of the genuineness of the “Story” feature and implementing it as their main type of content on their platform as vlogs. As mentioned above, live streams are also becoming widely popular, this type of content will also be available on the Vlogmi app upon launch.

The most popular social media platforms now provide live streaming services. Stories on Instagram and Facebook, live broadcast on Periscope, live streaming and live webcast on YouTube, and so on. Live videos are interesting, engaging, faster, and more accessible to masses than text.

Behind the scenes or live videos let the audience have a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes. When they feel they are being let in on a secret, that builds a trust-based relationship. It allows for increased credibility and humanization of personalities and brands that seem so distant in the minds of viewers. Real-life content helps people connect far more than scripted content can.

Take daily vlogs on Vlogmi for example. It provides a personal and natural form of communication due to the authenticity and realness of what it portrays. Every day, people prefer to share more real-life moments, behind-the-scenes, and unedited content. These stories are far more effective at eliciting emotions than the standard edited posts — joy, anger, happiness, hate.

One thing about Instagram or Facebook feed is that people may not give likes and only scroll through their feed to see what is happening. However, that doesn’t mean they didn’t enjoy some of the posts, they are only just scrolling down without giving much reaction. With stories, they don’t have to react, but it is sure they have seen what was uploaded and won’t forget in a hurry.

Unlike home feed that is mostly curated, stories encourage more engagement and thus are not as intimidating for followers. On Vlogmi’s app, realness is assured as users can only post from directly within the app — no uploads from the camera roll. This allows users to have a much deeper connection to the creator and the content they are watching due to its relatability. Behind-the-scenes content are often more engaging as they give a glimpse into the life of the person behind the profile. Additional features like boomerang and stickers add to the appeal of stories to make it more consumable and more interesting.

That is not to say home feed doesn’t have its own appeal, but that is mostly with brand awareness. However, with new brands appearing every day on social media, it is getting harder to get attention. Creating unique content is becoming increasingly more challenging. Stories, on the other hand, make it easy to create relatable content.

Another way real-life content is overtaking edited content is the cost-effectiveness of live streaming. While businesses must invest a lot in production and editing for content on social media, live streaming or webcasting involves a smaller investment. Vlogs offer a realistic opportunity on YouTube, Instagram, or Vlogmi that doesn’t require much editing, is inexpensive and provides more engagement with followers. Today there are millions of Vlogs on Facebook because they recognize the massive opportunity vlogging provides.

Finally, it’s not costly to create real-life content, it can be very profitable too. Swedish gamer PewDiePie is one YouTuber who has mastered the art of engaging by real-life videos through his game live streaming channel, with others like DudeShots, known for their compilations of trick shots, Spanish-based Badabun that interview couples to determine if they are cheating, and many more which prove the power of real-life content.

Vlogmi is a refreshing take on social media, pushing genuine and authentic content to its userbase. It can effectively make social media a much healthier place by regulating its content through the methods discussed above. Vlogmi focuses more on the everyday lives of the userbase and keeping up to date with loved ones rather than posting the “perfect picture”. With content like this on Vlogmi along with the rise of behind-the-scenes/real-life content, Vlogmi is sure to be one of the leading social media apps of the 2020’s.

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