The Parallels Between Vlogmi and Polaroid


In 2017, Polaroid-style instant cameras quickly became mainstream among Millennials and Gen Z-ers. Later around 2019, disposable film cameras rose in popularity as well. These “retro” styles of photography have both made a major comeback in recent years, why is that?

With digital cameras, DSLR’s, and mobile camera phones, it’s become much easier to take lots of photos all the time. If you ask someone to take a picture of you, often they’ll take 5–10 photos so you can choose the best one. The magic of polaroids and disposable cameras is the authenticity of each shot, when you click the button that’s it. They manage to always look more in the moment and more genuine than pictures taken on your phone. We believe that this is why the resurgence of this type of photography has been so evident lately. Pictures from new cameras and your phone just don’t hold the same amount of sentimental value as the latter. People flock towards genuineness and originality, thus the popularity of polaroids and disposables.

On Vlogmi, you can only take photos and videos taken from directly inside of our in-app camera. The step of external editing and selection is not a part of our process; making Vlogmi a more genuine and “real” platform. This is why we like to call ourselves the “polaroid picture” while other social medias are the camera phone or DSLR photo. Vlogmi keeps the authenticity of polaroids and disposables, while still being a contemporary social media app where users can have fun.

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