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Vlogmi is THE destination to watch, create, and share authentic IRL vlogs with the people you care about; so you can start connecting instead of comparing.

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Join us in making social media a healthier place.

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For connecting, not comparing.

Our mission

Our mission is to drive the next generation of content creators to express their creativity through authenticity to create the future of a healthier, more positive social media.

Vlogmi brings out the best of social media; what it was built to do, connect rather than compare. The "perfect photo" doesn't exist on Vlogmi.

Share what you're doing in-the-moment, no filters!

Our solution

Unlike Instagram and TikTok, Vlogmi doesn't feel like a competition. Post what you're doing in the moment, because that's what we really care about!

While current platforms focus on the final product, we're more interested in seeing the creative process of what you're doing, not just the final product!


All content in the platform is taken from our in-app camera!


Join in on the dance trends, direct your skits, and play with AR filters!


No photoshop, no reposts, no fake news!

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We made Vlogmi to bring out the best of social media

Capture the feeling of genuine life experiences.

Unvarnished, original content

Every post on Vlogmi is unique and original, you'll never see the same post twice!

No photoshop, no reposts, no fake news.

All content on Vlogmi is taken from directly inside of our in-app camera.

Don't take our word for it.


@Vlogmi when the app would be available 😊

Josephine BAEker

I'm hoping that @Vlogmi will be the answer. Keeping my eye on it.


@Vlogmi when are you launching?? 😭😭 can't wait

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Join us in making social media a better place.